Exploring Wolf

Discover your relationship with Wolf

Wolf and human have been in close relationship for thousands of years. It not only lead to the domestication of canine (our dogs), but also had a big impact on humans as well. This means that when we want to completely immerse ourselves in nature, we also need to understand and learn about that connection. At least in the more northern parts of our planet.

It helps us understand our role in the web of life, and how to be an important and supportive organ of the bigger organism.

This free video call is not only an introduction to our Guardian immersion Training Becoming Wolf, but can be used as a first step to learn more about this relationship with these amazing animals and the whole web of life.

In this video call we will explore:

  • archetypal roles of wolves and other social animals
  • our centuries-old relationship with Wolf
  • the myth of the lone wolf opposed to working together in a pack
  • why challenging ourselves in a natural environment is a much more holistic approach of self-development

There will also be time to personally ask us questions.

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Date for our video call:

  • Friday, 13.09. at 18:30

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Becoming Wolf - Guardian Training

Imagine yourself fully connected to your innermost wild self. No limiting beliefs in the way. You are on top of your game, fully living intuitively what fulfills you. Fully in service to something greater than yourself. But you are not alone. Other wild members of your clan have joined to do together what you never thought possible. You don’t have to hide anything from your clan mates. Most of the time you don’t even need words to communicate. Just like a pack of wolves, you function like the perfectly intricate organism that only nature can conjure up. You are ever fascinated that the challenges that feIt insurmountable on your own somehow don’t even seem to be a problem at all any more as soon as you bring them to your clan…

This is a small glimpse of what is possible, if we become fully functioning guardians. And this is also a part of what this training is about.

In this Guardian Training Immersion we will use Wolf as our role model. Wolf has been Human’s longest and closest companion, and we share a lot, especially how to live and thrive within a tight-knit group.

What others are saying:

Rash, Swan, Quick, and Bones are four of the most dedicated Guardians I have trained. They have persisted and excelled in the type of rigorous, authentic training that can be found nowhere else.

I fully support the European Trainings, and I personally vouch for the four who run them. I serve as a consultant in their Training development, and I continue to guide their personal Training.


Tamarack Song  //  Teaching Drum Outdoor School

Initiallyit was a bit difficult to get a full grasp of the concept. What I would tell someone now is, that it has mainly a (healhty masculine) warrior focus. I would recommend the training because of the dedication and passion of the guides. My biggest learning was the increased trust in my own capability.

Per "Moose" Sörner

Guardian Way Europe Team

We are a small group of people who strongly identify with the Guardian Archetype as explained in Who is a Guardian.

We feel drawn to serve as Protectors of our Mother Earth, and like to constantly train to be even more capable Guardians. 

We either received our basic and advanced Guardian Training at Teaching Drum Outdoor School in Wisconsin USA or learned directly from nature.

Together, we completed seven 80-day At-Home Trainings, two 80-day Wilderness Intensives, and one year-long full Wilderness Immersion Primitive Lifeway Trainings. Everyone in our team has spent extended periods of time in and with nature.

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