Becoming Protector

Free Webinar to explore, what it needs nowadays to step into our role as protector

The call already happened on Thursday, 16th December, 2021, but if you sign up here, you receive access to the recording.

Discover your relationship with your inner Protector

Immersing yourself in nature, becoming a small but important organ of the bigger organism is vital to dive deep into our relationship with our archetypes. And the first step to do that is to learn more about the guardian as protector in the whole web of life.

In this video call we will explore:

  • archetypal roles of wolves and other social animals
  • our centuries-old relationship within community
  • the myth of the lone wolf opposed to working together in a pack
  • why challenging ourselves in a natural environment is a more
    holistic approach of self-development

There will also be time to personally ask us questions.

Becoming Protector

Are you willing go even further and step into your role as Protector and Guardian of your People and Nature?

Imagine that you feel that inner trust and certainty in your own abilities to stay clear and focused, even when the storm is raging on around you. Imagine, that you can stay centered in the face of a conflict, so that you can be the calming force for everyone involved? How would that change your life?

Then our upcoming Guardian Training might also be for you.

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The call already happened on thursday, 16th December 2021, at 18.00. You can still sign up here, and receive an e-mail with the recording and some follow-up information.

What others are saying:

Swan, and Bones are two of the most dedicated Guardians I have trained. They have persisted and excelled in the type of rigorous, authentic training that can be found nowhere else.

I fully support the European Trainings, and I personally vouch for the two who run them. I serve as a consultant in their Training development, and I continue to guide their personal Training.


Tamarack Song  //  Teaching Drum Outdoor School

Guardian Way Europe Team

We are a small group of people who strongly identify with the Guardian Archetype as explained in Who is a Guardian.

We feel drawn to serve as Protectors of our Mother Earth, and like to constantly train to be even more capable Guardians. 

We received our basic and advanced Guardian Training at Teaching Drum Outdoor School in Wisconsin USA and by living immersed in nature. 

Together, we completed seven 80-day At-Home Trainings, two 80-day Wilderness Intensives, and a year-long full Wilderness Immersion Primitive Lifeway Trainings.

Swan, Bones & Andris

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