“Some call them Scouts, many call them Warriors, and others know them as Protectors. To Native people, they are Guardians: the manifestation of the band’s courage, selflessness, and desire to serve. Guardians can be female or male, old or young. Invisible, alert, and detached, they serve as sentries, wayfinders, messengers, ambassadors, sleuths, defenders, providers, and mentors. Their presence gives peace of mind to their people, so that they can comfortably pursue their day’s activities and rest peacefully in the night.

“All that Guardians do centers on respect—the deepest reverence for the Earth and all Her children, along with a high regard for the perfected self. In this day, Guardians are again needed by their people and their Earth Mother—perhaps more than ever.”

– taken from the opening lines of the training text book Like a Shadow: The Life and Training of a Guardian Warrior, by Tamarack Song
(Snow Wolf Publishing, 2020)

Guardian Principles

  • Only Actions Speak
  • Training is Life and Life is Training
  • Giving is Receiving