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Becoming Wolf – Guardian Training 2023

Immerse yourself in the wilderness, challenge yourself to your edge and learn to be a Guardian of your People and Mother Earth

A Moon-long Guardian Training:
At-home Training: 27.1.2023-10.2.2023
Immerstion Training, in Sweden: 11.2.2023 – 25.2.2023

Are you ready to step into your role as Protector and Guardian of your People and Nature?

Do you want to explore what you‘re truly capable of, both mentally and physically?
Are you ready to learn how to work seamlessly together in a team, like a pack of wolves?
Do you yearn to live in oneness with nature, directly from what she provides for us?

Then our Guardian Training is for you.

If you’re not sure yet and/or want to learn more about Wolf and about us, check out our free video call:

This training is a semi-nomadic experience, as it is the way of the scout. We will live with only what is really necessary, on the edge where we are really alive – just like all the other wild creatures in the forest. We need to rely on our own and our groups’ capabilities – we are only as strong as our weakest member.

We live closely together, like a pack of Wolves, where we rely on the group and the group relies on us – we are all organs within a big organism, and every part needs to function so that the whole functions.

Living immersed in nature – especially in winter – will allow you to experience what it might be like to live like a wild animal on nature’s terms. You will learn how to read the tracks of the wolves – and other wild animals – and learn from them about living in balance with the Earth. You will get to know Wolf in a way not many people do.

The life of the Guardian is a life of missions. There is always a mission to take care of, there is always something where we are needed. Our Mother Earth is under siege and we Guardians have an important role to play in restoring balance. The Mission for this experience is to be a part of helping to prevent the poaching and killing of Wolves in Sweden.

Guardians are the protectors of their people and nature. They are the eyes, ears and nose of their people – and thus need to be absolutely attuned. We will help each other to embrace our fears and grow into our full potential. Transformation starts from within and we will become what we surround ourselves with – the more we are immersed in nature and the Guardian Way, the more it will be within us.

Nature around us is our most important guide and we learn from all the beings that are around us. We get up with the dawn when all the other animals get active, we move in sync and silence, we practice stealth and low imprint – like shadows. We see but are not seen, we hear but are not heard, we smell but are not smelled.

We clean up and restore wherever we go, fulfilling our part as Guardians of the forest. We are a circle within all the other circles of life – and live in honor and respect, keeping that in mind.

During this training you will learn to make friction fire with what you find in nature. You will find out how to walk and run like a native, making as little disturbance as possible, moving together like one being. You will practice awareness, as well as your senses and find balance through exercises that will be a natural part of the flow of our daily lives. You will learn natural navigation, wilderness hygiene, how to build a stealth camp, primitive cooking and much more.

THIS IS AN INTENSE EXPERIENCE – it is for you if you thrive on challenges and like living on the edge.

The training starts at home two weeks before we meet in the forest. We will all practice the same awareness exercises together and start synchronizing our movements, coming into flow with each other like a flock of birds. The at-home training will fit in as a natural part of your everyday life. You will start to dive into the mindset of the Guardian, prepare your body and get to know your fellow Guardians. You will need internet access to get instructions and to share about how your training is going, through an e-group we will all be part of.

The duration of the immersion is two weeks – during which you will stay in the forest together with your fellow Guardians.

We have many years experience of Guardian training and clan living in the wilderness to share with you and we will use our shared group knowledge to meet all our needs.

This training is for you if you have some experience of being outside and feel comfortable being outdoors. However you don’t need any specific prior knowledge or skills to participate.

For more info about us guides check out: About Us
You can watch a film about the Guardian Intensive Training we did in 2018 to get a better feeling for what it is like.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Early bird price: 1.200 € (application sent in and half the tuition paid before 1. Nov 2022),
Regular price: 1.400 € (up until the end of the sign-up period: 1. Dec 2022)

The price includes:

  • at-home training with
    • well-designed daily impulses on training your awareness and your body as preparation for the immersion
    • feedback on your training progress
    • a space to get to know your fellow guardians
  • on the ground immersion with
    • 24 hour guidance for the whole two weeks
    • presence of the guides the whole time
    • 3 guides with different experiences to ask for specific guidance

For more info and to apply send us an email at ">
If you have questions you can also call +43 670 50-77-521 (Anja)

This event is organized through Verein Wilde Wurzeln (association wild roots).