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Guardian Mission Jan 2024

31. December 2023 @ 08:00 9. January 2024 @ 15:00

Since the Guardian Training Becoming Wolf 2024 will not happen as planned, but will be postponed to jan/feb 2025. Instead we want to announce, that some of our team will be going on their own Guardian Mission.

This will already happen after Christmas and until mid of January 2024, and we are inviting people who already have some experience in Wilderness Living in Winter, as well as some knowledge about the Guardian Way to join us.

The Mission

As with how it would have been for the Training, we will be having Wolves as our big focus for this Mission. They are massively threatened by people who don’t understand the Wolve’s role in the ecosystem, or simply don’t care about the impact it has to not have those predators in our woods.

So we will go to an area where there is a known Wolf pair, and try to learn more about them, their behaviour, territory, needs, etc. and communicate our findings.

We will also video-document this Mission, so that more awareness can come to the issue, as well as showing how training as a Guardian can help us step up and stand with what we believe in. To become our fully actualized Self.

The mission will also include a personal challenge for everyone who joins. Since we will not have an established base camp to store food, and we will be nomadic, we will have only very little food to sustain us for the approximately 10 days we will be out there.

So, if you feel called to join us, you need to consider some things:

  • you can only join us if you have some Wilderness Living experience in Winter, as well as some knowledge about the Guardian or Scout
  • this will not be a regular training, but a mission. We will all challenge ourselves, so this is even more of an experience where you need to take full responsibility for your own actions.
  • this has the potential to be a lot harder than a regular Guardian Training where anyone regardless of their prior experience can join and where there is a clear frame we follow
  • we will be filming and publishing our experience, so if you don’t want to share about your journey on the internet, this is not the right experience for you.

If everything mentioned before is fine with you, and you still want to join, contact us at